Q. What about ventilation?

Ventilation should always be provided at the eaves and ridge. In-slope ventilation is possible in principle but is difficult for random slating because of the need to make vents of variable sizes and thicknesses. The eaves ventilation can be in the form of a gap in the soffit or under the slating but should include an insect  barrier.


Q. How do choose the correct roof covering?

The first choice should always be to reuse as many of the existing stoneslates as possible. This will involve a careful process of cleaning off old mortar, dressing off any weakened or damaged portions of the slates and assessing their soundness. The process and the criteria for acceptance, rejection or redressing is always agreed between the supervising architect (or building owner) and ourselves before work commences. Failure to control this issue can result in unanticipated shortages and delays to the contract.


Q. What about using reclaimed slates?

The use of reclaimed slates off other buildings is avoided whenever possible as it encourages the destruction of historic roofs, diminishes the regional roofscape and undermines the viability of the stone delph. If the use of reclaimed slates from another source is unavoidable they should be put through a similar assessment to those reclaimed from the building under repair.



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